OpenMinTeD: Paving the way for text and data mining in science

2018. május 24. OpenMinTeD invites you to an all around TDM experience

This event marks the official launch of the OpenMinTeD platform (, and we would like to invite you to join us for a live discussion on the way forward.  

To join the event, a registration via Eventbrite is required here.

Why it matters: We live in an era of exponential growth of information in the scientific digital world. To make sense of all this information encoded inside text and data and unlock the potential of turning information into knowledge, text and Data Mining (TDM) has emerged as powerful and valuable assistant.

What is it about: It is about unleashing the power of open access and open science. OpenMinTeD (a H2020 project) has paved the way for TDM in science by establishing a cloud-based TDM infrastructure for scientific literature. It has brought together publishers and repositories, TDM software providers, domain discipline researchers and the industrial world through the use of a collaborative platform that allows sharing and re-using of content, TDM services and cloud resources.

Who is it for? Whether you are a publisher or repository manager, a TDM software provider or developer, researcher, SME, company, funder or government employee, feel free to join and participate in this open discussion.

  • Content Providers of Scientific/Scholarly Works: Publishers that want to maximize the impact of the publications, Library Managers that want to foster the TDM capabilities of their content, Repository Managers that want to share their content 

  • Software Providers of TDM applications and tools: Developers, NLP researchers, and TDM enthusiasts that seek a platform to expose their work

  • Researchers: Users of TDM applications, searching for new tools and applications to enhance their research, improve efficiency and research outcomes

  • SMEs, Industry: Commercial organizations interested in using TDM to build new innovations, improve their R&D and achieve a competitive advantage   

The event’s agenda covers a broad spectrum of topics that build on a story around TDM. 

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