DaLiCo Multiplier Event

Integrating digital competencies into the research toolbox

Online workshop on July 6, 2021, 9:30- 15:30h

We are pleased to announce the first DaLiCo multiplier event. The event has a double incentive: on the one hand the objective is to enhance digital competencies within the research data management processes, on the other hand, as a Train the Trainers (TtT) session, provides input for future trainers on how to make knowledge transfer effective. The workshop is tailored primarily to needs of potential trainers, academic staff (librarians) in research support and the future generation of researchers, instructors (PhD students). This event is designed to help the participants better understand the roles of digital competencies in the academic research process, and to identify the skills required to deliver related knowledge in adult learning environments. 

The one-day online meeting is organized to include a demo Train the Trainer session on research data management issues (FAIR data curation, sharing, storage) followed by a discussion on the tools and methodologies used during the training session. The feedback from participants will be used to enhance the TtT program and the concept of learning spaces developed within the DaLiCo project. Participants will be actively involved in various activities and dialogue to discuss training digital competencies from their perspective and experience. They will walk away with an integrated approach to incorporating research data competencies into their reserach support and teaching activities.

Location: online, Zoom
Time: July 6, 2021, 9:30- 15:30h
Objective: Demonstrate a TtT session on digital competencies (research data publishing, FAIR principles, data ethics, data preservation) and discuss methods and tools used in the session with participants in order to collect feedback on TtT and learning methodologies.
Target audience: librarians, trainers, PhD students


9:30-9:401   Welcome session
9:40-9:502   Introduction to the workshop 
9:50-10:103   Presentations on DaliCo  
10:10-10:254   Introduction to Train the Trainer programs and methodology
10:30-12:005   TtT workshop demonstration
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:006  Group discussion on TtT methods and tools
14:00-14:15   Coffe break
14:15-15:157   Group discussion on learning spaces
15:15-15:308   Wrap up


Session 3: The sesson focuses on the DaLiCO project including the introduction of the project partners, short presentations of goals and achievements of the IOs, and our future plans.

Session 4: The session introduces the elements of an effective training. It presents the general goals and methodology of a Train the trainers program including the training cycle, characteristics and role of an effective trainer, the didactics involved and the list of training methods and tools which can be used in such programs.

Session 5: The session introduces a demo TtT workshop on FAIR research data management issues. The workshop focuses on the implementation of FAIR principles into the resarch life cycle, the incorporation of FAIR tools into the data curation process, the methods of FAIR sharing and data publishing. As a TtT demo the workshop uses a variety of methodologies to work through the planned issues.

Session 6: Participants discuss the demo TtT workshop structure and content. Feedback is collected on the tools and methods used and the effectiveness of the knowledge transfer on data management questions. The discussion aims at examining the relations of the different learning didactics and the teaching tools. 

Session 7: The session focuses on the integration of learning lab methodologies into the knowledge transfer process. Tools connected to e-learning and virtual learning spaces can diversify the methodologies used in TtT programs. The session provides an opportunity to test some of these tools, as well.

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