Working together for the European Open Science Cloud

Working together for the European Open Science Cloud

Purpose and Scope
It’s been a busy few months for the implementation of the EOSC with the launch of new H2020 EOSC-related projects. Looking ahead, key outputs will be delivered by H2020 projects, national initiatives and other services to ensure EOSC is in operation by the end of 2020. This webinar will focus on the developing EOSC landscape and the growing community of stakeholders.

A series of new EOSC-related projects have kicked-off since our last webinar in July. In addition, the first EOSC Concertation meeting took place in September with the participation of over 30 projects. We’ll be hearing from DG CNECT and DG RTD on how these new projects fit into the EOSC jigsaw and what the next steps are from an EC perspective.

From a governance perspective, the EOSC Executive Board (EB) will very shortly publish their Workplan until 2020. The plan outlines the key outputs of the five EOSC EB Working Groups (Landscape, the Architecture, FAIR data, Rules of Participation, and Sustainability). Importantly, it also highlights the procedures and required inputs from key stakeholders including H2020 projects, national initiatives and disciplinary services. The webinar will provide a further details on the workplan and WG activities.

There are also new co-creation opportunities for the stakeholder community to get directly involved in shaping the EOSC. Find out more about how you or your organisation can apply and contribute fully. Key EOSC-related events are also coming up including the much anticipated EOSC Symposium, 26-28 November and second EOSC Concertation meeting, 28-29 November, both in beautiful Budapest.

So sign up and join us for the second webinar. With 450+ registrants at the first webinar in July, make sure you sign up and book your spot.

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Who should attend?

  • Infrastructure initiatives from Member States
  • EU infrastructure related initiatives
  • Researchers
  • International initiatives
  • Industry

Main Takeaways

  • Find out more about the results of the first EOSC Concertation meeting
  • See which new EOSC-related projects have launched
  • Learn about the new EOSC EB Workplan for 2019 – 2020
  • Get updated on the progress of the EOSC EB Working Groups
  • Get on board for upcoming EOSC Stakeholder events around Europe
  • FLearn about funding and co-creation opportunities you can apply for

15:00 – 15:05 Welcome and introduction – Nicholas Ferguson, Trust-IT Services &
15:05 – 15:20 Updates and next steps for the EOSC – Liina Munari, DG CNCT, European Commission and Michel Schouppe, DG RTD, European Commission
15:20 – 15:30 Q&A
15:30 – 15:45 The EOSC workplan 2019-2020 – EOSC Executive Board representative
15:45 – 15:00 Co-creation and engagement opportunities through the – Andrea Grisilla, Technopolis Group &
15:00 – 15:15 Q&A


2019 okt 19


15:00 - 16:15



The event is finished.

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